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Reduce customer support tickets by 30% with a bot that provides instant answers to your customers’ common questions.


A safe way for Canadians to get three-to-five-year fixed-rate loans at low interest rates.


BuyProperly is an online marketplace for fractional real estate property investments.

Chatter Research

Real-time customer feedback, helping companies be more customer-responsive, drive operational excellence, and increase revenue.

Client Desk (claimcast)

Helps insurance companies and brokers digitalize the client experience and internal operations.


Automated loan underwriting, instant loan packages, and a unified CRM platform.

Domio Sports

Domio transforms any motorcycle helmet into a surround sound system, with no wires and no speaker inserts or earbuds.


A web-based integrated solution to manage customers, sales, and inventory.

Esports Tickets

Esports Tickets is an esports event management and engagement platform that is dedicated to engaging gaming enthusiasts with events near them.


Every is a banking alternative for micro-businesses. / Acquired by Wave.com.


Evichat is a tool for lawyers to collect, review, redact, and export IM chat and social media evidence.

Figure 1

A photo-sharing app that lets healthcare professionals share, view, and discuss medical cases.


The digital wellness company that’s engineering healthy screen habits for the next generation.


Deliver highly-personalized experiences to the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.


Connecting high school students with university students to support them through their post-secondary transition.


An online hub that centralizes and simplifies everyday school communications and information management.


Building the future of athletics training by combining connected objects, real-time analytics, and user-centric design and gamification.

Level Jump

Maximizes sales productivity by delivering peer-to-peer learning via video, within Salesforce.

Litmus Automation

Provides an end-to-end middleware cloud platform for the Internet of Things.

LiveGauge (Physicalytics)

A real-world analytics company with a plug-and-play sensor and software platform that tracks customer behaviour.

Maple Assist

Maple Assist provides international students with the tools to make informed decisions about study options in Canada.


Enterprise bots that work everywhere. Reach more users by deploying your enterprise bot to Slack, HipChat, and Skype.


A global payments platform that eliminates manual wire transfers and reconciliations.


Delivers real-time analytics and insight for broadcasters, players, and brands in the e-gaming space.


Works with brands to send product samples online with custom targeting, tracking, and real-time analytics.


Helping consumers eliminate the need to collect paper receipts by digitizing them from any source and format.


A cloud-based assistant that brings building automation to small and medium-sized property managers.


Helping small businesses recapture website visitors through retargeted advertising.


SmartTones is the most powerful audio watermarking solution available to connect media content from any audio source to mobile devices.

Smooth Commerce

The customer activation platform that combines payment, offers, loyalty, and customer engagement in a mobile app.


SnapScreen crowdsources TV and OTT clip creation and distribution in social media. It enables fans to snap the TV, OTT and instantly…


A service for enterprises that lets them collect, manage, and act on employee ideas to solve big challenges faster.


An on-demand staffing app for the hospitality industry—whether it be restaurant, catering, or event staff.

Swift Medical

Lets doctors and nurses measure and document a patient’s chronic wounds using a smartphone.


Allows anyone to listen to music and talk at the same time.

Thrive Savings

Helps users break out of the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck by implementing automated savings plans to reach financial goals.


A Toronto-based insurance tech company focused on a simple and powerful experience for clients.

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